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Το όνομα σας: Zack Rubin
Χώρα: Seattle, Washington
Σχόλια: Hey Antonis,

Just wanted to let you know that Sunny and I got our wedding photos in the mail. They are SPECTACULAR!! We've only been able to get through 4 out of the 6 discs so far, and we are truly amazed. It's so much fun reliving our wedding day through your photos.

Thank you so much for your excellent work. We will treasure those photos and that experience the rest of our lives.


-Zack and Sunny
Το όνομα σας: Kassandra & Guido
Χώρα: usa
Σχόλια: Antonis,
Guido and I wanted to thank you & your wife for our BEAUTIFUL wedding photos. We are so VERY happy with them and are constantly complemented by our friends and family on how gorgeous they are.
You were both wonderful to work with and we thank you very very much for the hard work!


-Kassandra & Guido
Το όνομα σας: Renata and Petr Lang
Χώρα: Czech Republic
Σχόλια: Hello Antonis,
we would like to thank you for a very very nice pictures and specially for your friendly athmosphere you made. It was really pleasure to working with you and your wife.
And the result of your work is exactly according to our imaginations!
It was fortunate that we found and choose you for our wedding:-)
Giannelis is the best!!!
Thanks again
Renata and Petr
Το όνομα σας: Konstantinos Kasekas
Χώρα: Canada
Σχόλια: Geia Sou Antoni,
First, I would like to begin by saying how amazing your pictures are. Your work is absolutely PHENOMENAL. Even Jonathon (my brother in law) was absolutely amazed with the colors, and the way you captured the moment.  
Antoni, we were genuinely concerned about our photographs. Coming from Canada, we were used to a certain type of quality (yes, we are spoiled), no other photographer in Greece (and I assure you, my wife explored all of them) demonstrated the artistic eye and zeal about for the photojournalism, the way you did. Thank God we found you, and thank YOU for being there. I don't thikn my wife would ever forgive me, if we hadn't found the perfect photographer.
Na'sai kala.
Konstantinos & Kate Kasekas
Το όνομα σας: Basil and Amy Zempilas
Χώρα: Australia
Σχόλια: Antoni, as we say in Australia - "top job mate!" You really did capture our big day perfectly. We will always have wonderful memories of our Katellorizo wedding thanks to your efforts on the day. Efkaristo file, Basil and Amy - Perth, Western Australia.
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